Rebuildable Atomizers

Vapor Laze has a big selection of Rebuild able Atomizers. We carry over twenty different brands of RDA’s in different colors.

Mutation v4: The all new swirl designed airflow holes and an extra deep well provide the added kick you are looking for. The Mutation X V4 is designed for any one that enjoys demands performance and enjoys creative builds.  The Mutation X V4 RDA  4th series in the mutation x series comes with innovative design and improved performance. It shares most of the features like the V3, but this new version comes with the adjustable airflow that routed underneath the coils through the barrel.

Mutation V4 at Vapor Laze

Want  Airflow? Deep Juice Well? Affordability? Mutation X clone has arrived at Vapor Laze! This RDA has 9 airflow holes on each side and it’s adjustable! Blowing gigantic cloud has never been easier!
The Mutation X RDA features 18 air holes in a diagonal pattern to induce swirling, and its adjustable airflow control allows you to blow clouds or just for flavor chasing.

Product Features:

* Made out of Stainless Steel Construction

* SS center post with SS screws

* 18 air holes in total to have more than sufficient air travel through your coils

* Adjustable Air-flows cyclops style

* Deep Juice Well

* Huge Post Holes

* Top Heat Sink to disburse heat more quickly

* Negative Posts are milled to the deck for max conductivity and rigidity

* Comes with a matching drip tip

* 22mm in diameter

* clean no logo form factor around the body of the RDA

* Great for doing dual coil build



The 28mm mutation X 26650 with 18 airholes in a snazzy diagonal pattern to induce swirling, and adjustable airflow so you can choke off that hurricane when you want. Based on 22mm mutation x, it has bigger post holes, wider driptips and new rotary screw.

* Dual-coil rebuildable goodness

* Cupped bottom so juice stays in the atty, not on your hands

* BIGGER post holes, WIDER driptips

* 18 holes Adjustable airflow

* Top Heatsink

*  Ground posts are single construction, made as part of the base

* Rotary screw.

* HUGE e-liquid well

* 28mm in diamete


Mutation 26650


Vapor Laze is proud to add THE DARK HORSE RDA clone to our selection. The DARK HORSE offers more airflow options than any other RDA the market.

Package Contents and Special Features:

* 22mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Stainless Steel Construction
* 16 Preset Airflow Options with Stock AFC Ring
* Dual Coil Configurations

* 4 Single Coil Configurations
* 3mm Stainless Steel Contact Screws
* Gold Plated Flattened Positive Post Design to Prevent Spinning
* Square Negative Posts Milled Into the Deck
* 2.7mm Post Holes for Extreme Cloud Chasers
* Gold Plated Positive Contact



TOBH Automizer Description

Vapor laze carries the TOBH rebuild able Atomizer Clone by Hcigar. The TOBH Atomizer Clone features adjustable airflow and it has a copper contact pin. The atomizer is made of all stainless steel. It is available in five different colors, stainless, black, gold, blue and coffee.

* TOBH Atomizer Clone by Hcigar
* Drip Tip
* Bag of Wick, Wire, O-Rings

Kayfun 3.1 Clone
The Kayfun 3.1 clone is one of the most popular rebuild able tank Atomizers. The Kayfun was originally designed in Russia from solid stainless steel. The Kayfun 3.1 offers a range of useful features that help to maximize your vaping experience. This incredible atty is designed with an adjustable airflow allows to modify the draw to suit your personal preferences, which is uncommon with other rebuild able tanks. The Kayfun 3.1 has been designed to facilitate the setup process with its easily accessible atomizer deck.
The Kayfun 3.1 performs superbly. The compact chamber helps to enhance the flavor of your e-liquids. The Kayfun has 4.5 ml juice capacity which will allow you to vape for hours without needing to refill. The vacuum seal helps to prevent leaking and if flooding happens to occur the Kayfun has an overflow reservoir to collect any excess juice. To get the juice out of the collector base, turn your device upside-down and fire it while blowing through your air hole.

* Polypropylene window option
* Juice collector base
* Full clear tan
* Extension tube for longer tank


Nimbus RDA
Brief Features:
The Nimbus RDA (rebuild able drip atomizer) Clone. This RDA is Set for single or dual coil installs. The Nimbus has 3 posts & slightly taller top cap… ready for dual coil builds at a fraction of the price.

Nimbus RDA Clone Contents:

* Nimbus RDA Dripping Atomizer
* SS Drip Tip
* Small Allen Wrench for Posts


Russian 91%
Stainless Russian Edition KAYFUN LITE SvoeMesio Russian clone. The Russian 91% is very similar to Kayfun 3.1, except the fill hole is located on the bottom of the tank.

* Replacement isolators

* Full clear tan

* Airflow control, air hole, and fill hole

* Empty juice bottle

Russian 91


Black Helio RDA
Black Helio is a very popular clone RDA. It has an airflow control ring to adjust your draw, a black steel drip tip, and a chromed center pin. It houses a multi-post system, so it can be built as either a single- dual- quad coil RDA. The diameter is 23mm, so it sits flush with most standard sized mods, and it’s 28mm tall without the drip tip. It comes with a Philips screw driver for rebuilding.

* Black steel construction
* Chromed brass center pin and internal posts
* Black steel drip tip
* Airflow control system
* Multi posts system for quad coil wicks
* 510 threaded connector

Blak Helio

HCigaR 3D atomizer

No more dripping!! The 3D atomizer clone is very unique. The design eliminates the chore of having to drip frequently. HCigar has decided to clone this popular brand By pressing the top cap, the 2ml capacity tank will supply the liquid onto the wick. The stainless steel construction houses 3 posts, which is great for being creative on wick setups For single or dual coil setups. The adjustable airflow ring allows efficiency for excellent vaping experience.


Omega RDA Clone

The Omega is made of stainless steel material. The Omega RDA (rebuild able drip atomizer) is another great cloned RDA. The three posts, with Phillips screws, give you the option for single or dual coil setups. The large holes on the caps allow air flow adjust ability by rotating the cap to different positions. The deck has a large drip well, making it ideal for more wick to be used which allows more liquid to be supplied.

•22mm diameter
•Pre-drilled air holes
•510 threaded connection
•3 Philips head screws
•Laser engraved logo
•Stainless steel construction
•Includes assembled wick/wire
•Single or dual coil configurations
•Large workable area for wick configurations
•Includes a small Philips screw driver




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