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Vapor Laze has a big selection of mechanical mods from authentic to clones. Visit Vapor Laze for your ultimate shopping experience.


Wooden V3 Box Mod is full mechanical box mod for electronic cigarettes, Brazil solid wood,fashion and durable,each box appearance is different due to wood grain,3 colors to choose based on 3 different wood materiel.

* Solid wooden box mod
* Two colors to choose from
* Two 18650 batteries
* Copper contact pin

wooden V3 mod at Vapor Laze in Omaha, NE

26650 Vampire wooden mod

1. Wooden, full mechanical device.

2. Housing single 26650 battery.

3. Box mod design, easy to hold.

4. Adjustable pin.

5. Copper contact pin for better conductivity.

6. Magnetic back cover for quick accesses to the battery.

7. Unique design for elegant appearance.


New mods 020


18650 copper / black Columbia mod clone (Cloud competition mod)

1. copper material, fully mechanical device.

2. 18650 battery.

3. 22mm diameter wide and 79mm tube length.

4. Hybrid top cap.

5. Copper contact pin for better conductivity .

6. Magnetic fire bottom

7. Elegant engraved logo on the tube.

8. Unique design with elegance appearance.


copper Columbia mod at Vapor LazeColumbia mod at Vapor Laze


ABS clear box mod 18350 clear ABS box mod

Product Description:

* Very comfortable to hold
* ABS Box Mod  Description
* 2 Parallel 18350 batteries
* Top Caps: 304 Stainless steel
* Material: ABS/SS/copper
* Full copper contact


ABS Mod Vapor LazeABS MOD at Vapor Laze


Honeycomb mod 18650 (cloud competition mod)
* Suitable for 18650 battery
* made from pure copper
* bird net design
* strong magnet bottom
* copper bottom
* Hybrid top cap
* Plenty of air flow for your battery

Honeycomb cloud Mod at Vapor LazeHoneycomb copper mod at Vapor Laze


Clone Dimitri Box Mod. The Dimitri Box Mod with the Mirror Finish is IN STOCK NOW at VAPOR LAZE! A TRULY FULLY MECHANICAL BOX MOD WITH NO AMP LIMIT ON THE SWITCH.

Dimitri Box Mod Specs
*Full mechanical box mod
*Full alloy casing in hard chrome finish
*Gold plated Dimitri
*Ergonomic style
*Delrin insulators
*Silver platiing over pure copper  contacts (negative)
*99.9% copper positive contacts
*Adjustable negative battery contacts
*Floating positive pins
*510 connector
*Dual 18650 battery configuration

Dimitri box mod clone at Vapor Laze


Product Description fat Snow Wolf clone Mod
A new 26650 mod has arrived at Vapor Laze. The Copper Fat Snow Wolf Clone is here. The all copper version has gold plated brass contacts and bottom spring loaded button and reverse threaded locking ring. Remember, this is a 26650 mod so specific batteries are needed.

* 510 threading connection
* Adjustable 510 center pin
* Gold plated brass battery contacts
* Reverse-threaded locking ring
* Deep logo engravings
* 30mm tube outer diameter
* 27.4mm tube inner diameter
* Houses single 26650 battery (battery sold separately)



Fuhattan clone Mod:
Here’s something pretty cool. vapor Laze just placed the Carbon Fiber FUHattan Mod in stock. The “FUhattan” measures almost 1inch in diameter; standing 3 ¼ in tall. The thick wall design adds to the durability and electrical conductivity of the Mod. A powerful magnet button design.

– Copper tube wrapped in Carbon Fiber to accommodate one 18650 battery
– Solid Copper Positive and Negative Contacts
– Engraved with “FU” instead of “AV”
– Different size copper contacts for battery rattle
– FUhattan style gift box


AR clone Mod:

Our AR Clone is the perfect mod for those who want to experience the feel of holding an assault rifle while enjoying a relaxing vape. These are very durable and super hard hitting mods with copper contacts. The top contact pen is adjustable to ensure compatibility with all of your 18650 batteries. The threads are huge and the cuts in the body are sharp and precise. Other versions of this mod are rounded and soft and lack the crisp detail that these mods do.  Flush fit with all  22mm RDA’s



Stingray clone Mech Mod:

26650 Stingray Mod stainless steel/ Black colors
The Stingray 26650 Clone Mechanical Mod is a sharp looking mechanical mod. The unique looking logo is engraved on the tube which gives the Stingray a distinctive look. The Stingray houses a 26650 Battery. It is designed with a magnetic bottom firing switch with a stainless locking ring. The top cap features a 510 connector and an innovative atomizer venting system as well as a floating center pin. The copper threaded end cap has copper accent on top cap, and an innovative atomizer venting system. Both the positive and negative contacts utilize the high conductivity of silver-plated copper to maximize power output.

Black Stingray

Clone Black Nemesis Mech Mod:

Black Nemesis Mechanical Mod (Clone) and it has a 1:1 ratio replica gives you the option to interchangeable the parts with the original mod. The stainless/ black Nemesis mod is designed with 3 battery tube extensions to be use with different sized batteries. Each Nemesis mod has a laser etched engraving with individualized serial numbers and logos, while the bottom button has a unique switch that enables to easily fire and maintain a comfortable grip in your hand. The battery vents are concealed when locking the firing button and the top cap ring allows having an adjustable air flow for maximum efficiency.

Features of Nemesis Mechanical mod:

Brass Body
*510 Threaded Connector
*Individualized Numbering
*Firing Button Lock Feature
*Silver Plated Firing Pin
*Adjustable Silver Plated Contacts
*Adjustable Air Flow w/Control Rings
*Extensions Tubes For Different Battery Sizes
*The Nemesis comes with a total of 7 pieces (top cap, bottom cap, 3 tubes, lock ring, beauty “kick” ring. The caps can be disassembled into additional pieces but generalized as 1 piece.

blk nemesis


The K100 is a Telescopic Mechanical Mod Kit. Vapor Lounge carries 4 different colors of the K100 mod.(Blue, Gold, Black, Stainless). The K100 has a 510 connection for your RDA/RBAs with spring loaded firing switch. It has a stainless locking ring and air control ring.

Kit Includes:
1- K100
1- 510 Chrome Drip Tip
2- 2.5ohm stainless cardos
1- Large Zippered Case
1- Cartomizer Shield
1- 18350 battery
1- 18650 battery
1- Protection Chip
1- Battery Charger

Hades 26650 Mechanical Mod Stainless Steel Polished Clone
100% Stainless Steel Body. This Mod has No Circuit Board it is a true Mechanical Mod. The Hades has a laser etched engraving logo and brass button firing switch. It is designed with a Brass – Atomizer Contact Pin bottom firing button with reverse threaded Locking Ring. The tube is 100% Stainless Steel for 26650 Batteries. It has 510 Atomizer Connection.



Dreadnaught Mech Mod:
The Dreadnaught is a monster. In places it is a quarter of an inch thick. It is one of the most durable, unique and hard hitting mod you can find. It is a hybrid so it has both the battery side and the RDA in one giving you the perfect matching set without the voltage drop. It features a two tone chrome and brass frame. There are two versions of this clone available and this is the best.  The mod can be completely taken apart. It even features a silver spring for the buttery smooth switch assembly.  You can even adjust the plastic surround that contains the spring to adjust for battery size.  All of the o-rings are very tight which helps protect against leaking.  The atomizer has two adjustable air holes to allow controlled draw.  The atomizer posts are massive like everything else in this mod and can easily accommodate dual 22 gauge Kanthal coils.



Clone Cartel Limited Edition Mech Mod
This is a fine mod in it’s self. It comes in a matte black or a stainless steel, which looks smooth with any RDA its matched with. It holds a 26650
battery with copper contacts on both ends. It’s a hard hitting mod, in a nice compact size. The super smooth threads are easy to handle, along with the nice smooth comfortable button for firing. Experience the nice vape and giant clouds that can be achieved form a great mod.



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