Vapor Laze Vape Shop E-cig Store Omaha carries Pinup Vapors, VGod, Cuttwood, Gremlin, Space Jam, MT. Baker Vapor,  Simply E-juices, Cyclops vapor, Pit-Bull E- juices, Propaganda, Naked Fish, Donuts, Apollo, Silver Back and Teardrip E-juices.  These are our premium flavors.   Visit Vapor laze for these exciting and delicious E-Juice favors. Satisfaction guaranteed.

We are passionate about vaping. With every draw, we want great flavor and a smooth vape. That’s why we go above and beyond to help you find the device the E-liquid to best suit your individual vaping needs. At  vapor laze Vape Shop Omaha we have testers available for you to try before you buy. Each of our more than 100 e-liquids are available to try at our sample bar. we carry a wide variety of products to suit all of your vaping needs whether you’re experienced or new to vaping. Come on by  LAZE around and try before you buy.


Aqua E-juice at Vapor laze.

New AQUA Juice line at Vapor Laze, 3 flavors to chose from.
1- Pure: Strawberry, Apple, Watermelon.
2- Flow: Pineapple, Guava, Mango.
3- Oasis: Peach, Cantaloupe, papaya.

60ML Bottles

Aqua E-Juice at Vapor laze Omaha


 Betty by Pinup Vapors:

Betty is the sweetest gal on the block. With notes of many different fruits and a changing flavor that varies depending on device build she is sure to be popular with everyone.

Marilyn by Pinup Vapors:
Marilyn is a sweet hints of butterscotch and caramel, coming out of a sweet vanilla custard.

Betty Chill by Pinup Vapors:

Verity of different fruits with a refreshing menthol.



Betty by Pinup Vapors Marilyn by Pinup Vapors at Vapor Laze OmahaBetty Chill by Pinup Vapors at Vapor laze


Pit-Bull e-juice sold at Vapor Laze Vape Shop Omaha!

1- Puppy Drool: In intense burst of exotic kiwi with a layer of sweet strawberry that will certainly have you drooling for more.

2- Pibble Loops: A fruity cereal loops explosion and you don’t even need a spoon.

3- Blue Nose: Blueberry takes control in this mixed berry blend topped with sweet whipped cream.

4- Just Peachy: This familiar favorite is a wonderful peach blend with a sweet yummy flavor.

5- Sour Green Apple: That classic sour bite with a wonderfully sweet apple finish undeniably delicious.

Pit-Bull juice line at Vapor Laze in Omaha, NE

Vapor Laze is proud to announce that we carry Cyclops Vapor premium e-juice line in our store. Come to Vapor laze and try these amazing flavors. The Cyclops brand comes in 35ml bottles at 65VG and 35PG blend.

1- EROS: This exotic cocktail of cranberry and citrus, coupled with subtle fruit undertones that seduce the senses.

2- ATHENA: Delicious apple blend, delivering a smooth natural semi-tart green apple with a touch of sweet red apple.

3- ARTEMIS: A berry cobbler that blends the best of baked crust and sweet berry to pierce your taste buds.

4- POSEIDON: A complex fruit and melon medley that transforms from inhale to exhale.

5- Hades: The mellow essence of roasted beans mixed with a subtle, sweet mocha provides rich and lasting flavor for coffee lovers.

6- Colossus: A rich, eggy vanilla custard with subtle fruit undertones that custard fans rave about.


Cyclops E-juice at Vapor Laze Omaha

Vapor Laze carries VGOD Juices. Visit Vapor Laze and try these amazing flavors. Our customers just love these juices.

1- Blue Dream: Luscious, sweet blueberry finish with refreshing tart citrus flavor.

2- Luscious: Juicy watermelon candy, supper sweet to create an all day vape that is smooth and satisfying.

3- Lushice: Best selling watermelon flavor chilled for a crisp clean exhale. Perfect for those hot summer days.


VGod E-juice at vapor Laze

Vapor Laze is carrying the CUTTWOOD E juice now.


1- Unicorn Milk: Strawberry Custard E-juice
30ML 70vg/30pg
New Unicorn Milk is composed of USP kosher grade propylene glycol, USP kosher grade vegetable glycerin, the highest quality flavorings and extracts available and American made nicotine. The new Unicorn Milk will be the exact same taste so many have come to love and will be a clear version that will not clog coils and it will not change the delicious flavor.

2- Boss Reserve
30ML 70vg/30pg
Cuttwood has done it yet again with another amazing flavor. Boss Reserve combines a golden honey graham cereal with roasted nut clusters layered with freshly-sliced bananas and drenched in creamy milk.

3- Cuttwood – Sugar Bear
30ML 70vg/30pg
A sugary cinnamon taste that is paired with a smooth milky sweetness close to a cinnamon roll.

4- Cuttwood – Monster Melons
30ML 70vg/30pg
Blend of Cantaloupes, Mango, and Papaya that is designed to make your mouthwatering for more amazing melons flavors.

5- Bird Brains: A fresh out of the box fruit cereal that delivers true on every note.

Cuttwood e-juice Vapor laze


Vanilla Custard Premium e Juice by Gremlin Juice I keep hearing about a love of Vanilla Custard. The Gremlins wanted to make you happy, so here is OUR custard. We hope you enjoy it! You can also use this flavor to bring new life to a flavor you may be bored with. Just add a little bit of this to bring your others flavors some creamy sweetness!
Gremlin Juice at Vapor Laze

                                                                         SPACE JAM JUICES

 Andromeda: Pomegranate & Blue Berry.

 Astro:  Apples & Strawberries.

 Eclipse: Cavendish Tobacco & Sweet & salty Cream.

 Pluto: Melon Bubblegum.

 Galactica: Strawberry Champagne.

Parsec: A refreshing smoothie perfectly blended with ripe mangoes, tangy oranges and a hint of cream.


ParsecSpace Jam e-juice at Vapor Laze Omaha




                                             TRY OUR NEW JUICE LINE FROM MT. BAKER VAPOR

 1-  Butterscotch (Delight your senses with deliciously sweet and rich butter cream).

2-  Extreme Ice (Extreme Ice is a radically cool and frigidly smooth, minty vape).

3- Peach Rings  (Sugary and sour peach candy)

4- Afternoon Delight (Tropical fruit medley)

5- Thug Juice (Blend of berries and melon with a cool menthol finish)

6- East Coast Tobacco (East Coast Tobacco is a great choice for vapors looking for a more traditional tobacco flavored vape).

7- Blackberry (Blackberry e-juice perfectly captures the delightfully sweet and slightly sour taste of a fresh batch of Blackberries).


We just picked a new line of juice called Simply E-Juice for dripping only 85 to 90% VG. Please visit us and try the new juices.

1- Bodacious Blueberry

2- Contagious Cafe

3- Glorious Grape

4- Precious Pumpkin

5- Envious Elvis

6- Luscious Lemonade

7- Prestigious Pineapple

8- Tenacious Toast

9- Copious Crunch

New products 162


Tobacco E-Juice Flavors

1- Hangsen RY4                                                 

2-Hangsen USA

3- GNS Beetlejuice            

4- GNS Purple Worm

 5- GNS Zombie Blood

6- GNS Nickel Slots

7- GNS Sharkwater


Naked Fish E-juice

1- Blue Marlin: A warm blueberry muffin with vanilla glazed right out of the oven that melts in your mouth.

2- Barracuda: Honeydew and a variety of other sweet fruits in a tropical medley that dances on your tongue.

3- Great White: Fresh and slightly tart key lime pie with a hint of custard, all in a crispy graham cracker crust.

4- Piranha: A decadent explosion of vanilla custard swirled together with tasty whipped cream.

5- Sting Ray: Sweet berries and peanut butter with a touch of vanilla results in a buttery smooth nutty juice blend.


Naked Fish E-juice at Vapor LazeNaked Fish Juice at Vapor LazeNaked Fish Juice at Vapor Laze Omaha

Naked Fish PiranhaNaked Fish E- juice Sting Ray


Propaganda E-juice

1- Illuminati: Refreshing blood orange with sweet undertone of pineapples and strawberries.

2- Cotton candy.

3- Strawberry Shortcake.

Propaganda E-juice at vapor laze

The Hype collection from propaganda E-juice at Vapor Laze


Donuts Flavors

1- D’oh Nuts: A sweet strawberry frosted Donut with strawberry jam filling dipped in an ice cold glass of milk.

2- Pebble’s Donut: A fresh glazed donut sprinkled with a crispy fruity cereal then dunked in a delicious glass of milk.

3- Blueberry Donut: A warm fluffy blueberry donut dunked in a glass of milk.

Donut E-juice at vapor LazePebble Donut at Vapor laze OmahaBlueberry Donut at Vapor laze Omaha




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