ALL CYCLOPS VAPOR 35ml bottles are only $16.99 at Vapor Laze Omaha, NE. This is a premium Juice line and our Omaha customers love all 6 flavors.

Cyclops Vapor juice at Vapor Laze

1- EROS: This exotic cocktail of cranberry and citrus, coupled with subtle fruit undertones that seduce the senses.

2- ATHENA: Delicious apple blend, delivering a smooth natural semi-tart green apple with a touch of sweet red apple.

3- ARTEMIS: A berry cobbler that blends the best of baked crust and sweet berry to pierce your taste buds.

4- POSEIDON: A complex fruit and melon medley that transforms from inhale to exhale.

5- Hades: The mellow essence of roasted beans mixed with a subtle, sweet mocha provides rich and lasting flavor for coffee lovers.

6- Colossus: A rich, eggy vanilla custard with subtle fruit undertones that custard fans rave about.



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