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Vapor Laze Vape Shop Of Omaha is proud to introduce another amazing authentic box mod called Nookie to it’s collection. By the way Vapor Laze Vape Shop of Omaha has the Largest Selection Of Authentic Mods in all of Omaha Nebraska. Stop By our Vape Shop and check it out.

Back to the Nookie Mod
-Dual 18650 Parallel
-Body Black Delrin Acetal
-22mm Brass 510 Connector with Juice Well (Threaded Positive Pin) Peek Insulator
-Full Copper Contact (Except firing button and screws)
-Spring Type Firing Button with Insulator (Delrin)
-Sliding Bar (Battery cover in the bottom) *Made of Copper
-Threaded Negative Battery Pin
-Engraved Brass Plate logo
-Serialized Engraving

95mm Height
50mm Length
25mm Width

Authentic Nookie Box mod at Vapor Laze Omahanew pics 071


The Dimitri Box Mod Midnight Edition is here at Vapor Laze. A TRULY FULLY MECHANICAL BOX MOD WITH NO AMP LIMIT ON THE SWITCH.

Dimitri Box Mod features:
*Full mechanical box mod
*Alloy casing
*Gold plated dimitri
*Ergonomic style
*Delrin insulators
*Silver plating over pure copper  contacts (negative)
*99.9% copper positive contacts
*Adjustable negative battery contacts
*Floating positive pins
*510 connector

Dimitri Box Mod Midnight Edition at Vapor Laze Omaha


Authentic G4 High-End fully Mechanical and Box Mod:

The beautifully authentic crafted G4 Kamagong Box Mod is must have mod. It’s the next level of wooden box mods that are fully mechanical and aesthetically pleasing as well.

Features of G4 wooden Box mod:
* Kamagong (Iron Wood)
* Full Mechanical
* Dual 18650 Battery
* Solid Copper Internals
* Brass Upper Part
* Brass Bottom Part
* Adjustable Pins for batteries (no springs)
* Silver Plated Copper Negative and Positive Pin
* Copper Battery Lid

Authentic G4 Wooden Mod Vapor Laze in OmahaWood G4 mod Vapor Laze


Authentic Chi Megan 26650

Vapor Laze just added another great mod to it’s collection. The Chi Megan 26650 at Vapor laze.

Features of Chi Megan:
* Safety locking ring.
* Six Air vent holes
* Adjustable Top cap
* Deep and high quality engraving
* Uses 26650 Battery.
* Very smooth firing switch.
* Brass and Stainless steel mix.
* 26650 Battery Compatibility
* 110% Made in the Philippines

Authentic Chi Megan 26650 at Vapor LazeAuthentic Chi Megan Vapor Laze


Vapor Laze is proud to present another jewel called Cherry Bomber! The Authentic CHERRY BOMBER Fully Mechanical Box Mod by MCV PHILIPPINES is the first mechanical box mod that can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning and maintenance! NO WIRES!

* Aluminum Body and Sliding Door
* Full Mechanical Mod
* Works in Single or Dual 18650 Mode
* Floating and Adjustable Copper Contacts
* Brass 510 Connector
* Brass Firing Pin w/ Twist Lock
* Threaded Delrin Insulator (easy to replace)
* Adjustable Battery Contacts (no spring contacts)
* No Use of Wire/Minimal Voltage Drop
* Dimensions 53mm (L) x 26mm (W)  x 100mm (H)

Authentic Cherry Bomber at Vapor LazeAuthentic Cherry Bomber Vapor Laze
Authentic Black Osmium Fully Mechanical Box Mod:

Vapor Laze just recieved another very solid and cool looking box mod with force-fitted copper inside delrin. Very detailed design on the logo. No more heating tubes, no polishing needed, and no thermal expansion issues. Definitely
a mod one should must have for it’s unique design!

Features of the Osmium Authentic mod:
* Force-fitted copper block inside the delrin making it resistant to heat.
* Adjustable 510 connection
* Slim and compact full mechanical box mod.
* Custom made brass switch with silver coated copper positive contacts (mechanical switch)
* Adjustable silver coated copper negative pins.
* Parallel dual 18650 configuration.
* Embedded brass plate with Paradigm logo.

Authentic Black Osmium Fully Mechanical Box Mod at Vapor LazeAuthentic Black Osmium Fully Mechanical Box Mod at Vapor Laze


Authentic Natural 9 Mech Mod:
– (stainless steel) and  (copper) tube
-Telescopic positive pin
-Spring action switch
-Silver plated copper +/- contacts
-Reverse threaded lock ring
-3 post design
-Cooling gap for a cooler RDA
-Top airflow
-Slotted AFC hole
This mechanical mod and dripper is for advanced users and may require building or assembly of the device.

Natural 9 mech mod at Vapor Laze


The Authentic Phantus Mini Mech Mod:
-Brass fabrication
-18350 battery housing
-23mm tank area for tanks and attys
-Brass contacts
-Reverse threaded switch housing
-Juice window for airflow and ability to check juices
This mechanical mod and dripper is for advanced users and may require building or assembly of the device.  RDA not included.

Phantus MiniVapor Laze Omaha NE Vape Shop


The Authentic 26650 Brass Monkee Mech Mod.
The Brass Monkee mechanical was a hit and still one of the most sought after mod because of its rarity.  Now Standard Functions is releasing their BIGGER & BETTER 26650 Brass Monkee set which includes everything seen in the picture.
-3 color 26650 tubes
-Adjustable positive pin
-Includes a tapered cap for 22mm tank
-Magnetic switch with spring option
-Silver plated brass contacts
-Reverse threaded lock rings
Standard Functions wanted vapers to have everything you needed to start, so it included their new RDA.  The exciting thing about this dripper is that it will include a custom wide-bore delrin drip tip and an adapter if you want to use your own 510 tip.
-4 post design
-Double O-Rings
-Heat sink cooling fins
-Slotted AFC hole
-Fits an included 9mm drip tip
-Included adapter 510 adapter for regular drip tips

Vapor Laze Omaha Nebraska


Authentic Fat Snow Wolf Mech Mod.
Say hello to the brand new 26500 Fat Snow Wolf, available in this amazing new kit! The 26500 is a slightly miniaturized version of the 26650 Fat Snow Wolf; small enough to give it a new look but still large enough to be a Fat Snow Wolf! This kit will also include a MOD, atty, with the newly updated engraving, so that your 26500 will have that completed and flush look. This set will also feature a set of our upgraded adjustable silver plated copper contact pins! To top it off we’ve included a battery so you’ll be ready to go.
26500 Fat Snow Wolf, available for the first time!  MOD, atty, Drip tip, 26500 battery

Fat Snow Wolf authentic mech mod at Vapor Laze
the Authantic AKUMA lineup, the AKUMA V-Clay is now available at Vapor Laze! The Akuma V- clay is 18650 copper tube for improved conductivity. Limited spots available so get yours today!!

Features of the Authentic AKUMA V-Clay mod:
* Single 18650 Copper Tube
* New Top Cap
* Copper/Stainless Inserted
* New Bottom Switch
* Stainless lock ring

* Serialized
*  100% made in the Philippines
*  22mm diameter
*  Engraved top and bottom cap logos
* Laser engraved AKUMA logo

Authentic Akuma V Clay mech at Vapor LazeAuthentic Akuma V Clay mech mod at Vapor Laze Omaha


Authentic Flagship Mech Mod

This is a high quality mechanical mod from SMK MODS, 22mm diameter of different material body finish ( Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper), copper pin, 510 thread connection.
Adjustable Delrin Button Housing to Eliminate Battery Rattle. 4 Vent Holes in Button Housing, stiff button to void accidentally fire.
All Pieces are Interchangeable between different metals, to make a customized finish. 18650 tube only at this moment, other tube sizes coming soon. Copper connections. Each mod comes with serial number. 100% USA made.

Flagship Mod at Vapor Laze






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